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Our expert-led bike ride training offers personalized coaching, tailored workouts, and invaluable insights to elevate your cycling performance. With a focus on technique, endurance, and skill development, our trainers guide you towards your goals, ensuring every pedal stroke counts towards success on the road and complete the tour in your best form.

Base Training

Strength and endurance training

Riding seated up a climb in a bigger gear than you normally would, with around 50–60 rpm, can help you get stronger on hills.


Route planning

Take note of the terrain, elevation, and what kind of surfaces you'll be riding on. This will help you visualise your day in the saddle and tailor your training to best replicate the kind of conditions you'll be riding in. You can go through the TFN 2024 routes and try to clock those distance in your training blocks. 



Staying hydrated is important, as even a two per cent loss of body water has been shown to reduce your efficiency.


Build up mileage gradually

Aim for rides that challenge you but aren't exhausting. Add 10 - 20 kms every couple of weeks until you reach your goal distance.


Increase your aerobic capacity

Take long, steady rides on weekends, gradually building up by 20–30 minutes each time.


Split training

The ideal split is around 75% low intensity and 25% high intensity. High intensity parts can include sprint training, riding around on a big gear, or going all out for a few minutes.


Practice climbing hills

Once you're used to the distance, you can focus on climbing. Try to map the hills in and around your respective locality and simulate your elevation training physically, if its shorter in distance then go for hill reps. 


Keep a track of your activities

It’s better to have a track of the rides you do, so that you can scale up gradually on your next ride. Either you can use cyclocomps or record your ride on a smartphone using fitness tracking applications. 


Train consistently

Ride at least three days a week, and try to work up to two hours for the longest ride. If your situation doesn’t permit you to get out and ride, then try tuning into Indoor rides. You would need an indoor trainer, preferably a direct drive as it helps you to simulate the hill reps while you are indoor.


Keep your pace steady

Spin gears low enough to keep you in the range of 70 to 90 revolutions per minute.


Add stretching

Even five or ten minutes a day can help prepare your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.


Take rest days

Include two rest days with optional recovery work, such as dynamic stretching and yoga. 


Base phase - 12 Weeks

Build Phase - 12 Weeks

Peak phase - 08 Weeks

Refer the base plan for riding the tour and if you feel you need a advanced training plan, do contact us for all our experts 

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