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giving back

An Initiative of the

Sita Bhateja Charitable Trust

The Full Story

No one understands the importance of mobility more than those that are immobile. No one understands the pain of being immobile and feeling helpless better than those that have suffered debilitating back injuries.

The utter helplessness of a breadwinner that is bedridden, unable to provide for his family can be paralyzing both physically and mentally. When that breadwinner is underprivileged, unable to pay for a medical procedure that could get him/her back on their feet, GivingBack steps in and helps them with free and subsidized spine surgeries. GivingBack is an initiative of the Sita Bhateja Charitable Trust and is dedicated to the cause of providing world-class cutting-edge spine surgeries irrespective of boundaries. The GivingBack program has been in existence since 2014 and has performed over 400 subsidised spine
surgeries using cutting edge technology such as neuromonitoring, surgical navigation, image guided surgery with the O Arm, microsurgery and minimally invasive surgery based purely on the merit of the case among others. 

GivingBack is dedicated to providing the highest quality of spine care with the most modern technology and making this technology available to its patients at a fraction of the cost. 

The GivingBack program is supported by a full team of specialists from various specialities such as neurosurgery, spine surgery, neuroanesthesia, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

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