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Well… there’s a lot. Buckle up, because it’s going to be one amazing journey, you’re about to sign up for. This one time, we were cycling through the pristine roads of Masinagudi, escorted by the kind forest officers. And out of no where we find a bunch of Majestic tuskers and their offspring, walking alongside us in a distance. The spotted deer and the lazy eyed Nilgiri Thar will welcome you to their territory with a smile. Then we’ve the loner Mr. Bison, who once in a while will be sleeping on the corner of the road to see if some of the cyclists click his pictures. Well, he’s a bit of a showoff too. But if you’re talk about the greatest element of TFN, then it’s all about Kalhatti. Yes, we know we hype it up a lot but it is the most amazing element you’ll ever see.

Running 12 kilometers long with a tight and twisty 36 hairpin, expect yourself to be challenged by the ever-changing element of nature. Anand, who’s one of our regulars has climbed the hill for a record 7 times and he just has one thing to say, ‘If you haven’t tried it, then try it. You’ll love this?’. What else do you need? Just pack your bags and get ready for the adventure.

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