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Well you know you can ride…. But can you ride the Tour? The tour is known for it’s rising elevation until you reach the mountain stage at Kalhatty. Kalhatty, though sounds harmless, is a ravaging animal. The climb at Kalhatty is considered sacred among the riders riding the tour. You see, rather than going for the win, many of the riders consider finishing this mountain of challenge a great achievement. Constantly changing wind, cool breeze and very little flat land to rest your legs, this 12-kilometre climb, that demands your body and mind to be one force. We, at the tour, have seen riders, who make it to the base, are determined to complete the climb.
Other than Kalhatty, our host this year is Mysuru City. Mysuru is famous for its palaces, sandalwood soaps and its delicacies. The Grand Royal palace is one of the main attractions in the tour and the first day will open with a ceremonious neutral ride towards the palace. Then we tour towards Hasan and we rise up to Chikmagalur. Home to the Kudremukh (Horse-face) hills, the hill station will cool down your day’s hard work. The coffee too is an attraction. We then turn towards Kushalnagar, which is green and a bit misty. The climate is well suited and welcoming to the riders.
All said and done, we’re approaching Kalhatty. Before Kalhatty awaits a small hill section which will test your fitness for the Kalhatty Challenge. You’ll be having a nice rest at Sulthan Bathery. Sulthan Bathery used to be powder room for Tipu Sultan, who stored his most powerful gun powders in this town. The next day will be the day when you prove yourself. Between you and beautiful rest day at Ooty, stands the mountain of Kalhatti. Conquering it would give you the bragging rights of your toughness.
A rest day at Ooty and the next day, we ride through Kodanad viewpoint and beautiful tea and few coffee estates. And on the final day, you’ll be rolling down to Mysuru which will be your emancipation as you’ve finished one of the toughest road tours in India. P.S. don’t miss unniappams in Kerala and some amazing coffee in Kushalnagar. Also do have a look at the Mysuru palace night lights. They’re beautiful.

So, what’s special about riding the tour?: Feature
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