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Day 4 – THE WALL. The birth of the Brave in Everyone 🏆 🎖️ 🏅
110KM | 2833 M+ | 1340 M-

Make sure you are rested well at Sultan Bathery ‘coz day 5 is The birth of the Brave in Everyone .

Start from Sultan Bathery and ride through the bamboo forests of Bitherkad into Tamil Nadu. Welcome to the Tea estates of Devarshola. You could sit here admiring the green on the blue 🏕️for hours. Pedal down to Gudalur and then turn towards Thorapalli for lunch in a plantation and then regroup to ride through the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary.

At about 75 kilometers after Mavanalla, dart through the straight stretches of road..and lo and behold.. There they are - the massive mountains of NIlgiris - The face of Kalhatti ghat. ⛰️ Over 12 kilometers and 36 hairpin bends, you will climb 1230 meters vertically. That’s a relentless 10% gradient all the way to the top. 

Past Kalhatty it is another 12 km to the hotel, passing through Ooty and towards Doddabetta and then to Highland Hotel Accord Ooty

For the Garmin geeks : Total distance is 110 km with 2833 m of climbs and 1340 m of descent. The Kalhatti is a Hors Categorie climb. 

Noolapuzha - Nellikottai is a Cat 3 climb and there will 5 more cat 5 climbs on this day

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