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Day 3 - Unniappams on the roll to the God's own country
144KM | 2100 M+ | 2004 M-

From coffee country, we will start riding to the God’s own country. It isn’t an easy ride to Sultan Bathery. The 140+ km route is full of rolling terrain..errr.. Should we say rolling hills?

Starting from Kushalnagar, we ride past the Dubare Elephant training camp and onto Gonikoppal. If we are lucky, we could see a tamed tusker from the training camp 🐘. This part of the route is a hilly terrain with coffee plantations on the slopes and paddy fields 🌾 on the plains lit up by the weak sunlight penetrating the morning fog. It might get a bit difficult to get a pedaling rhythm on this undulating terrain.

Past Kutta we enter the state of Kerala, via the Tholpetty forest - A part of Wayanad wildlife sanctuary. Ride through the dense teak forests looking for spotted deers 🦌 and giant malabar squirrels.

At about 100km mark if you spot several bikes parked in the middle of the jungle, take the cue and pull over to the famous Kuttetan’s Unniappam stall - a small shack serving piping hot uniappams and black tea in the middle of nowhere. (For the unaware :

From Kattikulam, we meander along the course of river Kabini to Panamaram and then start a rolling climb of about 23km towards Sultan Bathery.

We will stay at Sterling Resorts in Sultan Bathery.

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