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India is passing through a very difficult phase in the pandemic. Each of us find ourselves knowing someone who has been affected, if not directly affected. Our friends, families, team members & loved ones are going through challenging times; personally or professionally, stress and pressure or/and more direct and immediate like arranging a hospital bed for care, medicines, support and in some cases loss of our loved ones.

In this moment, the entire team of TFN whether on or off the saddle are with you. If for any reason, you need help or assistance, please do reach out to any one of us.

This is usually the time when excitement builds up to TFN registrations which always open on May 1. However, we believe that this is not the time to announce something which is not aligned with all the issues happening around us.

Looking at the crisis, we have decided to Hold Off registrations for the 13th Edition of the tour. Based on the situation, we will inform you all about TfN 2021 and how we could respond with something that provides you the experience, camaraderie as well as the safety net thats needed in these times.

We have exciting plans and a route which each of you would love. We were eagerly looking forward to hosting the 13th Edition but it looks like nature has other plans. We havent cancelled the tour but now is not the right time to move forward; and so we are putting everything on hold.

We will keep sharing details and based on the situation, we will proceed cautiously. Updates if any, will be shared on our various social media channels, website and within our groups.

Till then, take care, be well & ride safe!

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